In Conversation: Q&A with Attorney General Robert Clark
Tough on crime is not smart on crime
United States Judge Peggy Hora has seen the impact of ‘tough on crime’ policies in California, where overcrowding of prisons has been found to breach the Constitution. Such policies also breach fundamentals of justice and rehabilitation, she says, noting that the most effective criminal justice initiative in decades in Australia have been drug treatment courts.
In conversation: Q&A with Martin Pakula, Victoria’s Shadow Attorney General
Youth justice: getting the early years right
Victoria’s approach to juvenile justice has resulted in the lowest rate of young people in detention in Australia and the second lowest rate of youth offenders. However, says former Children’s Court Judge Paul Grant, it needs better court-based diversion, better bail support, and more Koori Children’s Courts if it is deliver real justice to young people – many of whom are victims themselves.
Myths, misinformation and missed opportunities
We should want to prevent crime, not just punish it. Hugh de Kretser says there is no excuse for the failure of governments to act on crime prevention when there is no shortage of evidence about what works.

Professor Eileen Baldry offers alarming insights into how people with mental and cognitive impairments are failed by the criminal justice system. ... Read More