Free, or not so free ? The cost of education
State school education is widely considered to be free, but there are many extra costs parents are asked to pay. For families facing disadva ntage, these can be difficult to meet and community organisations are increasingly stepping in to help families to meet school costs. Monica Thiel king, Paul Fl atau and Anne Hampshire tell the story.
Reducing crime by investing in communities
While Victoria has pursued a harsher law and order approach to sentencing, justice reinvestment approaches appear to be proving effective in the USA and are being trialled in the UK. Michelle McDonnell outlines what the results have been overseas and recommends our politicians consider justice reinvestment over law and order approaches if they want to make our state safer.
Something to crow about? Victorian government finances under the Coalition
The Coalition Government claims a strong economic record going into the election. David Hayward examines its levels of infrastructure spending, social policy spending and debt levels to see whether the claim stands up to scrutiny.
Changing the culture, changing the system
The following is an edited extract of a speech about tackling family violence, given by Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay at the 2014 VCOSS Summit in May.

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